How to Run a Degree Audit - Advisers

adviser video

For instructions, play video or read below.

1) Login to AccessPlus

2) Select ‘Faculty/Adviser’ tab

3) Select ‘Degree Audit’ from menu on left side of page

4) Search for a student, click ‘Connect to ISU Degree Audit’ at the bottom of the screen. You may need to enter one of your advisees to have this appear on the screen.

5) Click on ‘Students’ with the arrow next to it in the red bar at the top of the page.
photo of student button

6) Select ‘Search’ from the drop down menu.

This screen will appear. You may enter a student ID or search by student name.

photo of student search screen

You will see this page after a search or clicking ‘Connect to ISU Degree Audit’ without a search.

photo of request audit screen

7) Click ‘Run’ to run the student’s current program. If the student has multiple programs they will all run. 

8) Click the ‘Run Selected Program:’ if student does not have a current program or you wish to run a What-If degree audit.

9) Choose the degree and catalog year from the drop down menu.

10) You may then select an option and/or minor.

Your selections will appear like this:

photo of run selected program screen

11) Click ‘Run Audit’

12) The audit will appear on the screen like this:

photo of audit appearance screen

13) You may view the audit in the page by scrolling up and down using the slide on the right side of the page. A second option is to open a PDF audit using the ‘Download PDF Audit’ link at the top of the audit. It is highlighted in yellow here. 

14) You must have Adobe Acrobat to open a PDF Audit. This box will appear.

photo of opening audit screen

15) Make your selection and click ‘OK’. If you choose the radial button ‘Open With’ the audit will open in a new window.